This is not a movement. It is an expression of life and culture, of food and of invention as it exists and is experienced as a lived continuum.

From motherlands and fatherlands of old countries, to be documented through stories. The essence of this knowledge about food, industry and community cannot be googled but survives through the experience of generations.

There is no such thing as multicultural-ism of this kind – it is one that fosters the value of self and identity as you are. It is the belief and the innate expression of cultural diversity that exists in everybody. Through the act of making, of innovation and the celebration of cultural values as expressed by oneself and through acceptance, rather than being contextualised by political statements that estrange the people it is trying to define. Political correctness has no relevance here.

The power of the hands is celebrated. The power is in the making, the extension of the creative self, the ingenuity of invention, the authenticity of the traditional recipe that takes place in the hybrid space. It is in the celebration of history, skill, experience, knowledge and of old trades. It is steeped in the value of things made by hand being passed onto loved ones to have and hold and to remember. To continue to be, forever and amen.

Culinary genius has always existed here and mainly in the  form of a matriarchal figure.  You will always find a mum of generations cooking in the garage feeding the familial masses.

In the preservation of stories, histories and memories we can keep these unique domestic spaces alive, allowing the opportunity to connect to place and creativity, before they are lost to development – faceless living spaces without individuality, character and ingenuity.

It is about respecting our Elders: they know everything. If you listen to them, you will learn and forge ahead with the necessary skills in life and you will never die hungry or alone.

Copyright @ 2014 Helen Sartinas, Kitchens in the Garage Project, All Rights Reserved.

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