Through documenting the unwritten recipe, we would  like to demonstrate that culinary genius has preceded Masterchef. These activities have been predominately matriarchal – their talents were learnt from their elders, whose untiring energy comprised of an endless generosity to feed the familial masses. You would always find a mum of generations cooking in the garage.

Through the sharing of stories also comes democratisation of knowledge happens through the acknowledgement of the skills of local “common people” rather than following a few hoohah chefs.

And where the discovery of heirloom vegetables in fancy restaurants is really old news. Respecting the earth and seasonal changes, re-harvesting of seeds sewn – that has been transferred to contemporary life and the little garden blocks of suburbia. It is preposterous to wait in long queues to eat a garden tomato at a fancy restaurant, when it can be enjoyed after a simple Summer harvest at home coming….


Copyright @ 2014 Helen Sartinas, Kitchens in the Garage Project, All Rights Reserved.

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