These stories are about the traditional recipes that were not written down but passed down through the generations; food that was made with the measuring cup without metrics.

Also of gatherings at Christmas, Easter, and All Saints days and parties that extended past the garage sliding door and into the bluestone laneway, with the spit going and smoke permeating into the neighbourhood.

Of the inventions made by hand, such as the multi-levered spit powered by a generator and a bicycle wheel; of the collapsible cages that protect the backyard vine from being nipped at by crows. The garden practices that required the creative utilisation of space, such as stringing the zucchini vine on the roof of the garage over summer and the construction of a kites made from plastic bags to attract flying fish in the bay.

Inspired by the knowledge descended by generations, largely measured by intuition, tradition and memory extended through making within community and culinary contexts.

pastry 4 big

Copyright @ 2014 Helen Sartinas, Kitchens in the Garage Project, All Rights Reserved.

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