What’s in a Kitchen in the Garage?

A green laminated bench top, white laminated cupboards, harking back to the inside kitchen in the old weatherboard house of the 1970s.

One fridge, one freezer. The freezer keeps the dad’s fresh fish catches from the bay and and mums frozen meat patties (to die for).

A bessemer cooking collection sold by a travelling saleswoman who tells fortunes reading coffee cups.

Pantry stocked full of large litres of bulk pasta and flour. Many trays, aluminium foil, herbs drying on tops, jars. At the moment there are 30 jars of honey my uncle has from his bee keeping practices in the neighbouring suburb.

A temperamental oven that has seen better days but can bake a damn great spanakopita. A view through a window of the knuckled trunk of a 30 year old grape vine.

An industrial sewing machine, thread and measuring tapes, a couple of hand sewn aprons and lots of kitchen utensils and small electrical appliances wrapped in plastic. A row of old cracked tea cups used as measuring cups.

Oregano and Mountain Tea from the garden hung up to dry, including seasonal herbs,  yoghurt being strained for tzatziki,  a constellation of home made sausages dangling from the ceiling.

A round laminated limping table made by an uncle for the sole purposes of making pita, covered by a Christmas tablecloth.

And a mother of Greek/Italian/migrant/Aboriginal/all cultural descent, with the light on 12 hours a day, cooking something wonderful, lamenting on the sunken ships of life, singing to the radio, and ready to tell you off about something…

Copyright @ 2014 Helen Sartinas, Kitchens in the Garage Project, All Rights Reserved.

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